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  • My job postings are not showing up when i logged in under "my postings"?

    You need to wait for the approval. Once it is approve it will show under your "user menu".

  • How can i know if my job post has been entered in the system?

    First thing, if you don't receive any error message then it is posted. No need to hit the back button and resend as it will only duplicate your the record. Just wait for your confirmation email.

  • Does this website portal covers all Canada?

    We do cover 10 provinces...New-Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova-Scotia, Ontario, Quebec, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British-Columbia and Manitoba and the North-west territories.

  • It is FREE for now to post a Job but eventually will it cost something?

    Our initial plan is to give a basic free service to the employer, however in a near future their will be some options available to purchase to promote your business needs.

  • How do you attract job Seekers ?

    We do lots of Campaign on Facebook, Kijiji and other major search engine.

  • How job seekers can communicate with employers ?

    We recommend that you leave a method of contact when you post a job. Also, for registered job seeker they can apply directly from our website.

  • How much time it takes before a job posting get published?

    Usually within 24 hours but most of the time within minutes.