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master hand beveller/tools setter

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Artistic Line Studio
Job Title: 
master hand beveller/tools setter
Job type: 
Manufacturing and Others
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Artistic Line Studio is seeking to fill in an open permanent full-time position of the master hand beveller/tools setter. The position is of a full-time nature with at least 30 hours a week workload and compensated at $45000 per annum.

Candidate must have at least 2 years of relevant experience and a completed high school credential, must be able to communicate in English to perform satisfactory at this position.

Job duties will entail setting up a machinery line for custom hand bevelling; consulting
management and personnel training on the subject of small parts custom bevelling techniques and
process, supervising all the manufacturing processes; reading design specifications and operating glass
cutting/finishing equipment to produce custom beveled glass pieces as specified to build ornamental
glass panels and other elements of glass décor.
Artistic Line Studio is located at 2133 Royal Windsor Dr., unit #35, Mississauga, Ontario L5J 4L6; the location of work is the same.

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