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Project Manager, Utilities

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3K Consulting Inc.
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Project Manager, Utilities
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Position: Project Manager, Utilities
Location: Edmonton

MUST have experience as a Project Mgr in the Utilities field.

Conceptualizes and directs continuous improvement and project/program expansion opportunities
Conceptualizes and directs technical project/program opportunities
Directs project/program management of schedule, budget, risk, change opportunity, and resource allocation
Directs project/program managers in full scope of responsibilities for extremely large or most complex projects or programs
May cultivate client opportunities and high level relationships
Provides expert technical project/program design consulting advice
Acts as an advisor that troubleshoots and resolves problems within multi-departments and/or cross-functional areas
Approves organizational structures and supervisory relationships in a functional area or division
Often is required to create or conceptualize new systems, programs, or products with significant business impact
Develops and manages departmental budgets and business plans
Analyzes effectiveness of policies or products
Identifies resource needs with complete authority to approve

Bachelor's Degree, Advanced Degree, or equivalent
Demonstrates and applies advanced knowledge of concepts, practices, and procedures for area managed and expert knowledge of other areas in the company and how they interact
Demonstrates advanced understanding and application of management approaches for work direction, motivation, and performance management
8 years of successful experience in a directly related field.

A local candidate that has experience providing project management on large electrical projects. The projects entail the construction of three 500 KV substations and a 500KV DC transmission line. will have a degree in electrical engineering and has had experience working on projects as discussed above.

Qualified for this position !